Princess Cinderella Jungle Run is the best games target amazing adventure for your mobile phone. Enjoy the platform castle awesome levels that we made for you. Princess Cinderella Jungle Run is amazing, this adventure temple game is better than ever and will surely be what you are looking for.
Princess Cinderella Jungle Run is a jungle themed temple run game.
Run alongside jungle temple, chase after hot beauty girl, catch to own them forever. Search every dungeon, castle, mountain valley, manor and harvest farm, find the most beautiful girl, and take her to a safehold, escape from evil dragon, dark temple bat.
There are many levels and you will graduate to higher levels as you get better with Princess Cinderella Jungle Run. We guarantee that this Princess race game will keep you busy for hours and hours regardless if you are a casual or an expert player.
How to Play:
Get past all the hurdles on your path and find a way out of the jungle…The path is full of suspense and unlimited action.. Players will play as a man running through adventure journey to explore the beautiful jungle world and you need to cross different obstacles.
Princess Cinderella Jungle Run is a free endless run game for store. Surf in unknown dawn temple, follow the smell of the beauty to find them, and run for survival. You must face hostile ninja and samurai assassin. They are powerful ancient hunter, legend animal shape shifter.
Key Features Of Princess Cinderella Jungle Run:
• Unique and facile gameplay
• Magnificent music and sounds
• Detailed environment
• Detailed models
• Endless Runner with great graphics and fun animations
• Infinite runner with new logics
• Magnets can help you collect more coins
• Swipe to Move & Jump
The Princess Cinderella Jungle Run game will have you playing for hours. The princess runs, the princess races and you have to ensure she gets through all those obstacles! So are you gamed?