Plastic Surgery Simulator 2016

Plastic Surgery Simulator 2016

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a doctor or tried to operate? In fact, it doesn’t matter. Use different medical tools to treat your patients and make much more beautiful with this amazing plastic surgery game. But don’t forget how crazy you are! Make the patient your victim! Work as the craziest surgeon in whole clinic to perform crazy operations! Do collagen injection using different fillers, anesthetize and operate patients and prove your worth as a doctor! This plastic surgery clinic is full of crazy doctors! Could you become the craziest one? Try Plastic Surgery Simulator 2016 to know!
Plastic Surgery Simulator 2016 gives you a chance to work at a clinic as crazy plastic surgeon. Diagnose patient’s problems and try to treat them! Perform operations such as breast augmentation, lips injections, rhinoplasty and even more! Use medical tools, implants and fillers as a real doctor to make patients happier or even save their lives! Be a crazy plastic surgeon! Try different operations to updrade your doctor’s skills! New patient is coming, so let’s start an operation now! Breast augmentation or rhinoplasty? Crazy surgeon is ready for a new job! Feel like a real doctor working at the clinic with Plastic Surgery Simulator 2016 – great app for those who dreamed of medicine!
Enjoy the thrill of being an ER plastic surgeon! Tons of injured patients are counting on you! Save multiple lives and replace damaged bones with new, plastic ones! Become an expert surgeon as you carefully treat each patient!
Well fear not as Plastic Surgeon is the game which makes that baby dream of yours come to life by making you the clumsy doctor you always wanted to be and perform your surgery on as many patients as you like FOR FREE!!!
• Patients with funny surgery treatments
• Funny Crazy Eyelid Surgery Game
• Clumsy Cheek Surgery Game
• Funny Nose Surgery Doctor
• Use different operation theater tools and do your stitching & bandaging like real doctors