My House Cleanup

My House Cleanup
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It’s time to clean up the mess in My House Cleanup. With the amazing mini games you will have allot of fun in My House Cleanup . In these game you can clean up the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dinning hall, dishwasher, arrange the dining room and clean the fish tank and decorate it, all in a very fun way. Are you ready for these amazing fun tasks?
Cleaning up a house was never this much fun to do!
Could you help us to clean up the bedroom? Pick up all the dirty candy packages, newspapers, and throw it away. Wipe away the spiderwebs, clean the dust and vacuum the floor!

Mom has just cooked and you may clean up the mess. Throw away the packages, salad rests and much more. Pick up your sponge and clean up the sink and table. Mom will be really proud!

It’s that time of the month again to clean the fish tank! Catch the fishes and start to clean up the fish tank, wipe the tank clean and put fresh water in it. Now it’s time to decorate the fish tank! It’s gonna be so much fun!
This app is a challenging and fun way to develop fine motor skills, visual perception and hand-eye coordination
My House Cleanup is simple and fun :
• Open the game and choose the room
• clean and shine all the bathroom tiles
• use the sponge, the bathtub and the washbasin are so dirty !
• remove the limescale from toilet
• clean the floor perfectly
• the bedroom is so messy !
• put in their place all the objects
• clean the window and water the plants
• wipe the table and remove all the dust
• use the vacuum cleaner over the floor
• do the laundry and wash all the dirty clothes
• hanging washed clothes to dry and iron the clothes
• the kitchen is so messy and dirty !
• put all the dishes in the kitchen sink
• wash all the dishes, forks, spoons, knives, glasses and dry well
• clean the kitchen area and the table
My House Cleanup Features:
• game for toddlers and kids from ages 2-13 years old, suitable for the whole family
• entertaining and educational game
• easy to use for children and preschoolers, babies, little boys and little girls
• simple and intuitive : just a few commands to use
• exercise your toddler fine motor skills
• Promotes problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination
• a lot of different cleaning games and activities that toddlers can learn
• fun way for kids to learn how to make their bedroom neat and clean
• Pick all the things and put them at right place
• Clean the dirty window and the dusty table
• Kids will be inspired to clean their room
• Mop the floor, wash dishes and do other house chores !
• make the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and laundry room shine again !
• take care of dirty clothes: do laundry and iron the clothes