kids injection simulator

kids injection simulator

Kids injection simulator Free App. The app that lets you play Doctor. This app was created to let people of all ages “play doctor” as well as educate children about what happens at the doctors office. Learn about the doctors office while playing doctor on Kids injection simulator a free app. Kids injection simulator was created by Executive Marketing Services, the same people that brought you Hidden Objects Haunted Detective. If you liked Angry Birds and Candy Crush, you will love Injection Simulator Kid Clinic.
Treat patients with professional doctor tools like syringes and more! They feel sick and need injections, hurry up !
This doctor’s office is so much fun ! Let’s be a doctor or a nurse, healing the wounds for those kids !
These little patients need your help ! Choose from these adorable patients and let the doctor fun begin!
Treat patients at the office with crazy cool doctor tools but be careful !
Do a blood test, an injection or give a vaccine. There are many things to do so hurry up!
This app is a challenging and fun way to develop fine motor skills, visual perception and hand-eye coordination
in the world of doctors and surgery games.
* Open the game and choose the kid that you wish to cure

* they have problems in different parts of their body

* help the nurses giving injections or blood draw

* Suck the medicine from the medicine bottle into the injection

* Do it very slowly and gently so that the kids won’t feel the pain

* Practice your injection skill and no more pains to your patients !