Ice cream van will deliver fresh ice cream to boys and girls, kids and family members of all age, ice cream is in freezer in this highly sophisticated ice van, take this van truck to streets, hit towns and cities and simulate the ice cream transporter experience, cross the road crossing and racing past the food shops and other ice cream makers, fresh farm milk ice cream and paddle pop stick are the favorites.

Start the engine, drive this icy creamy van truck and deliver the freshly made ice cream, it’s simple simulation of van driving in 3D real city environment, van truck run smoothly in urban cities, even in villages it can work with farms and animals there, and peasant will love ice cream after long day work, all you have to do is drive this van truck precisely and park it on placed points, this grand ice cream maker is known for its fast service and operations to take the staff and get to work day and night and become transporter of ice cream, candy sweet and happiness!

Drive around in your ice-cream delivery van, sell ice cream, make frozen yogurt or stack your ice cream cone with as many scoops as you can. In a big city with an abundance of truck drivers, an ice cream maker has abandoned its ice cream store and got hold of an ice cream delivery truck. You have to act as a trucker supplying and delivering delicious sweetest treats of icecream all over the city in icecream delivery truck simulator.

Simulating an ice cream truck is a life time experience realistic simulation effects and great precision truck driving skills, discover an unprecedented world of experience by putting yourself as an expert icecream delivery trucker 3d driver and get behind the wheels in this icecream truck game. Indulge into the basics of driving and moving the ice cream delivery, it is simple and easy but will test your skills once it goes to upper levels in icecream delivery truck simulator 3d, as each delivery and simulation mission will be more addictive in this wonderful game of IceCream Delivery Van 3d. Be alert while parking the ice cream delivery truck simulator as the city full of hurdles and parking spaces are full with lots of traffic like car transporter trucks, animal transport trucks, heavy duty trucks and many other vehicles, also be careful with speeding cars, ambulances, police car chasers simulators etc. that will be all over your on the roads and make sure you don’t hit them or may engage in accidents, crashes or collisions in this wonderful game of icecream delivery truck simulator which will lead you to the extreme levels and will not only test your driving skills trucking and delivery skills but also the simulating endurance in different locations, treacherous road.


-> Ice cream delivery parlor
-> perfect streets to drive
-> delivery before it melts
-> keep eye in melting time line

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