Cube Bounce Jump




Crazy Box Game-The Doodle Jump is a new magical and exotic arcade game where you control a box with special powers in order to avoid dangerous spikes. Logic is your main weapon in this awesome game.
Crazy Box Game-The Doodle Jump has 30 levels of some exciting stages that will definitely be able to make your bus stop wait seem shorter. Choosing the wrong gesture at the wrong time can spell game over for this adventurous box.
The tiny box wants to get home. Now he needs your help! Help him getting him home as early you can. Save him from the dangerous spikes to avoid game end.


Beautiful HD graphics
Exciting 30 stages
Awesome gameplay
Easy to start but hard to complete
In-app purchase

How To Play

Tap the screen to make your box jump.
Avoid spikes by jumping over them.
Pick up the power to get a speed-up.
Unlock the power-up by covering distance as much you can.