Cross Road Simulation HD

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Cross Road Adventure takes the basic idea of the arcade to a whole new level. While guiding little man through an endless series of dangerous train tracks, busy roads and rivers full of hazards, the player must avoid obstacles or try to jump on tree logs that float in the rivers. The further you manage to go, the cuter and funny characters you are able to unlock.
Cross Road Adventure is an Endless running, jumping and crossing game. Game is all about saving the man from cars, trucks, buses, trains and reaches its destination. Cross Road Adventure is a new 3D adventure star game arrived in market.
In this Game you enjoy the real view of road crossing, do not be deaf or blind find your way from mayhem of traffic. All you need is just to cross the busy roads with crazy traffic.
There is bunch of cars and traffic moving with different speed on highway.
You need to watch your steps, avoid the fast moving cars and choose accurate time to move otherwise you will be smashed by the mayhem of crazy traffic.


• Addictive game play
• Wonderful graphics
• Easy controls
• Game services integrated
• Simple one touch controls
• Stunning graphics with a highly polished interface
• Easy to start, yet challenging to fully master
• game center support
• In app purchase