Cake Maker Cooking Factory
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Cake Maker Cooking Factory allows you to create a cake for any occasion. If you want to make a cake for someone’s birthday, your friend’s wedding, or maybe to surprise your valentine sweetheart or just to brighten someone’s day, then Cake Maker Cooking Factory is the app for you.
How about a huge designer wedding cake with pink frosting? Or a sweet birthday cake with chocolate toppings? With Cake Maker Cooking Factory, you can run your own virtual bakery and create any kind of cake you can dream of! Bake tasty, sweet treats from scratch, starting with the best ingredients and ending with an amazing cream topping you decorate yourself. Don’t forget the pink sprinkles. No sweet designer cake is complete without pink sprinkles!
A good cake starts with the best ingredients. You have everything you need to bake this dessert from scratch: sweet sugar, vanilla cream, pink frosting and so much more. Mix the ingredients and put the cake in the oven to watch it rise. When it’s baked to just the right temperature, you can pull it out and let the fun begin!
Game play:
Decorate your pretty cake with some of the best designer toppings and frostings in the world. Choose a tasty pink cream topping for your holiday cake, or mix up your own chocolate or vanilla flavored treat. Spread the frosting on your cake and stack it to the sky if you like. It’s your cake, you can create whatever you want and make it look as simple or outrageous as you please!
How to Play:
• Open up your bakery and pick your ingredients.
• Mix everything together and bake until it’s ready.
• Choose different toppings and frostings.
• Decorate the designer cake until it’s perfect!
• Beautiful high quality HD graphics
• Intuitive, easy to use interface
• Infinite game play with unlimited combinations
• Many different cake shapes
• Create all kinds of cake from scratch.
• Pick from many different fun cake toppings.
Everyone especially girls and kids love the cake with the free fun game– Cake Maker Cooking Factory , you can definitely make many kinds of cakes. You can also add some decoration to your cake and make it very beautiful, and sell them in your bakery.