Bringing Your Marketing Strategy to a Mobile App

  scan on to find out a lot of concerning transfer all your selling strategy to a mobile app.
2014 has marked the primary year that mobile web usage surpassed that of desktop browsing, signal that audiences square measure receptive to mobile engagement like ne’er before.
This growth in mobile usage has created a basic shift within the approach brands will communicate with their shoppers. Previously, marketers solely had contact with shoppers for the length of their visit to the brand’s web site, and lost contact after they logged off, notwithstanding whether or not it absolutely was a visit from their desktop or mobile device. however as mobile use skyrocketed, marketers completed that the advantages of a natively designed app greatly surpass those of any web site. a number of the best edges embrace having full management over a user’s expertise, deeper access to demographic info, and, most significantly, a relent less line of communication with their users. however these edges depend upon making AN app expertise a lot of partaking than a desktop expertise may ever be.
The Greatest Challenge
The benefits you’ll take from mobile square measure dependent upon users partaking with it over a amount of your time, instead of one visit. per a recent study, two hundredth of apps square measure used just once, and you must do everything potential to stay from turning into a locality of that data point.
One of the most important mistakes still being created within the business is approaching your app with the goal of replicating your web site, however following these 5 tips can assist you produce AN app expertise that’s contemporary and alert to what your users need.

1. suppose Mobile! This appears obvious, however it’s still the foremost vital tip to stay in mind. instead of simply mix in any options you think that a user would possibly need and serving it over mobile, you’ll got to conceive your app from a mobile perspective from the beginning. take into account the characteristics your favorite apps all share; presumably they’re simple to use, reliable and supply intuitive navigation. notwithstanding their perform they’re all basically “mobile.” once your users square measure on the go, what is going to drive them to choose up their phone and visit your app? These square measure the options that ought to drive your style and practicality.
Let’s use a edifice as AN example. Is your app supposed to somehow build the booking method easier for guests? Considering however seldom most of the people book hotels, and also the analysis they are doing beforehand, it’d in all probability be an improved option to focus your restricted budget on up their actual edifice a result of traveling guests can already be “mobile,” why not concentrate on delivering content they may would like throughout their keep. strive introducing accessible amenities, approaching events and native hot spots,and perhaps develop a one-touch button that dials the front table for caretaker service. Remember, adding content that users request may be a higher finish expertise than providing an excessive amount of from the get go and making an attempt to alter on the fly.
2. simple Navigation Mobile’s smaller screens merely can’t convey the maximum amount info as a monitor, and users won’t need it to. Focus your style and navigation around serving content that’s predigested on the go and quickly accessible. As a rule of thumb, users ought to be ready to open your app and navigate to their desired content while not having to create quite three picks, and it ought to be even easier to come to the house navigation. AN app that’s a labyrinth can build your whole look out of bit and leaves users quite annoyed. The flow through your app ought to be clear and intuitive in order that users get pleasure from the expertise, and also the best thanks to guarantee this can be testing it yourself.
3. Visuals square measure key once more, as a result of users square measure viewing a smaller screen, your visual aesthetics square measure one amongst the foremost vital factors for fulfillment . build your app visually immersive, in order that navigating it feels fluid as users swipe, pinch, and type. The hands on interaction created by bit screens is another strength distinctive to mobile and might facilitate build your expertise even a lot of intimate to users. together with daring and delightful photos can build your app pop, thus concentrate on utilizing contrastive colours and pictures once potential. robust style is kind of compelling for 1st time users as they navigate new content. notwithstanding they don’t however perceive however they’ll use the app on its initial launch, a good style conveys a top quality expertise and compels users to stay interacting and learning a lot of. It’s conjointly vital to recollect that graphics formatted for desktop might not be decipherable on mobile, thus edit pictures with this in mind. If you’re on the Mobile Roadie platform, request our home screen style guide, or conclude if one amongst our style packages may be a decent fit your app. 
4. Learn your mobile tools Mobile features a distinctive engagement tool chest that creates selling quite completely different from what you’ve learned on desktop. one amongst the foremost vital tools square measure push notifications, which might be learned concerning here. Geo fencing is analogous to push electronic messaging from a user purpose of read, however is enforced in numerous things, thus make certain to grasp the distinction. sure ancient net tools are translated to mobile similarly. for instance you’ll be able to produce and update polls for users as oftentimes as you wish. Don’t forget to utilize community building tools sort of a discussion board, user to user electronic messaging, and leader boards to interact users while not wishing on new content.

In Conclusion:
One in each 5 folks within the world own a smartphone, thus don’t miss out on effectively connecting along with your shoppers through your app. These 5 suggestions square measure vital to recollect as you bring your net selling expertise into the mobile sphere.

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