How to gather reviews for your application

I don’t suppose you ought to get your games reviewed anyplace. I created the error myself of paying time, effort and money(for accelerated review) on obtaining my game reviewed, and accomplished that the trouble isn’tworthwhile. i noticed (as verified by others with many games on the app store) that the trouble isn’t valuewhereas for many reasons:

1. The ‘top’ reviewers area unit thus insured that they’re unlikely to review your game, unless you’re willing to mete out giant chunks of cash.
2. Most middle vary reviewers target reviewing apps completely since positive reviews build their brands’viscousness, extremely|and extremely} few area unit really into giving associate degree honest review (even tho’all of them claim to produce honest reviews).
3. though you get reviewed, the visibility is fleeting and lasts for a few week (even less for additional active review sites) before your review gets relegated to the second page and into the dark chasm on the far side.
4. several reviewers like prelaunch review opportunities, which suggests that additionally to the app store review timeline, you wish to feature a handful of weeks (at least) within the hope that you just get reviewed.

Advertising (I tried social network ads) is additionally high-ticket, and not well worth the cash supported myexpertise.

The same resources would be higher spent in doing different things that may increase the probabilities of your game’s success, and these area unit a number of what i’m making an attempt in my second wave of games (will update once more after I have information once releasing):

1. Have multiple games in similar domain – this builds a complete and theme around you and credibleness around your complete.
2. Add in game analytics (I am victimisation Flurry). this can tell you the way your users area unit victimisationyour game, and wherever they’re doing well and wherever they’re having hassle
3. Add plenty of infective agent components among the sport. Sharing high scores, game center integration, sharing achievements
4. Add ways in which for users to undertake before they get if you’ve got in app purchases.
5. build shopping for straightforward – I had a store menu item for in app purchases in my initial rev. within thesecond rev, I even have created shopping for associate degree integrated expertise and removed the shopmenu altogether.
6. If you’ve got multiple games, promote them from among one another.
7. Launch as before long as you’ll, and repeat usually supported feedback and to undertake out new methodsto create the sport additional compelling and appealing.
8. Use correct keywords, categories, etc. supported diligent analysis.
9. give as several screenshots as attainable that highlight the most effective components of your game.

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